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As a developer of complex, large-scale renewable energy projects with various technologies, a wide range of skills is needed to bring our projects to life. And as we evolve as a company, so does our needs for talent. 

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Financial Analyst

Student Assistant

International Project Manager


Head of Technical Management


Project Director


Landscape Architect

Student Assistant



What we offer

We are well aware that our greatest asset is our employees. Therefore we do our best to give everyone the best conditions. Our North Star is balance and freedom under responsibility.

Despite our ambitious pursuits, the atmosphere is light-hearted and positive, creating plenty of space for shared enjoyment. Whether it’s a group workout, a tennis match on our (almost) private court, or Friday drinks, we know how to have fun together.

Additionally, we offer a dynamic workplace in rapid development, with great opportunities to learn and evolve. Responsibility is not a title, but a shared endeavor embraced by each member of our team. We shun bureaucracy and treat every team member, whether a student or seasoned professional, with the same level of respect.

Therefore we are looking for talent with aspiration, a thirst for learning and for reaching towards new and ambitious goals. And if you possess these qualities, there will be plenty of opportunities to catch. 

Looking to combine ambition and aspiration to make a positive, lasting difference with a healthy working environment and a strong set of values? Then you've come to the right place.

Being a part of St. Jørgen is more than a job; it's a commitment to a meaningful cause. We take pride in knowing that our daily efforts contribute to a greener and better future for generations to come. While our aspirations are global, our number one priority is our foundation—our incredible team. At the heart of St. Jørgen lies a vibrant company culture that we hold dear - a culture shaped by every single team member, adding their unique touch, enriching the colorful mosaic that defines our collective identity. This mosaic is a source of great pride for us, representing the vibrant and dynamic company we have become.

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Monica HørstedHead of People & Culture


If you have any questions regarding a job vacancy or our recruitment process please contact:

Monica Hørsted

Head of People & Culture